North Italy 2001

Monday 30th July 2001 - DEPARTURE DAY

06:00 Meet at Sea Terminal - Do not be late
07:00 Depart IOM - Liverpool
09:30 Ferry from Douglas arrives in Liverpool
10:00 Coaches arrive to meet group at Isle of Man Ferry Terminal, Liverpool Docks. Load coaches with luggage and instruments and prepare for departure
10:30 Coaches depart Liverpool Docks for Birmingham Airport
13:00 Coaches arrive at Birmingham Airport
14:25 Latest check-in time, Birmingham Airport
16:25 Flight departs from Birmingham Airport
19:35 Flight arrives at Milan Malpensa Airport. On arrival, meet your two Italian coaches for the transfer to your hotel
20:30 Coach departs from Milan Malpensa Airport for Bussolengo
23:00 Approx arrival at the Hotel Centro Turistico Gardesano in Bussolengo

Tuesday 31st July 2001 - Excursion to Malcesine

09:00 Breakfast at your hotel (your first meal included in the tour)
Morning at leisure in hotel/resort
12:45 Group meets in hotel reception, ready to depart from hotel on board the Italian coaches
13:00 Depart by coach for Malcesine
Sites of interest include:
Scaligero Castle
Scaligero castle which dates from the 13th -14th century and used to belong to the Scaliger family of Verona. From the castle there is a spectacular view across Lake Garda.
Cable Cars
You may also wish to take the cable cars from the centre of Malcesine on Via Navenne Vecchia. The cable car ride ascends to Mount Baldo where you can see over Lake Garda, the mountains and Malcesine. The cable cars depart every half an hour,the ride takes about 20 minutes.
18:00 Coaches depart from Malcesine for the hotel
19:00 Coaches arrive back at hotel
20:00 Evening meal at your hotel
Rest of the evening free at leisure in the resort

Wednesday 1st August 2001 - Excursion to Venice

08:00 Breakfast at your hotel
08:45 Group meets in hotel reception ready to join coaches
09:00 Coach departs for full day excursion to Venice on board Italian coaches
11:00 Coaches arrive Tronchetto (Venice coach park)
Sights / Visits of Interest in Venice include:
Piazza San Marco and Basilica San Marco
St Mark's Square is the heart of Venice and one of the world's most famous squares. On the square is St Mark's Basilica, open from 9.45 -16.30 daily.
Doges Palace (Palazzo Ducale)
Also on St. Mark's Square is the Doges Palace. This beautiful palace was a symbol of the Venetian Power as the residence of the Doges and government. The palace houses a collection of sculptures and paintings, including the magnificent Triumph of Venice by Tintoretto.
Campanile (di San Marco)
The 324 ft high bell tower is also situated in St Mark's Square. It is possible to ascend to the bell tower by lift, from where there is a stunning view of St Mark's Basilica and Venice.
Rialto Bridge
Follow the signs for Rialto posted on every street corner. This famous bridge is the oldest of only 3 bridges which cross the Grand Canal. The stone bridge was preceded by a number of wooden structures which often collapsed, as one did in 1444 under the weight of the crowds who were watching the wedding procession of the Marquis of Ferrara. Today, the bridge is surrounded by market stalls where you can buy souvenirs.
Galleria dell'Accamedia
The Academy of the Fine Arts is situated near the Grand Canal on Accademia Dorsoduro. It is one of the most comprehensive collections of Venetian art in Europe with works by Tintoretto, Bellini and Titian.
17:00 Group meets at pre-arranged meeting point in central Venice
18:00 Re-join coaches at Tronchetto (Venice coach park) for return journey to hotel
20:00 Coaches arrive at hotel
20:30 Evening meal at your hotel

Thursday 2nd August 2001 - Vetriolo concert

08:30 Breakfast at your hotel - morning at leisure around the pool
12:00 Hot lunch at your hotel
13:45 Group meets in the hotel reception, ready to depart for concert in Vetriolo on board the Italian coaches
14:00 Coaches depart for Vetriolo
16:00 Arrival at the Tourist Office in Vetriolo where you will meet a representative who will accompany your group to the concert venue.
17:30 - 19:30 CONCERT - Outdoor Ampitheatre, Vetriolo Terme
19:30 Coaches depart for return journey to hotel
21:30 Arrival back at hotel

Friday 3rd August 2001 - Caneva World / Concert in Peschiera del Garda

08:30 Breakfast at hotel
09:15 Group meets in hotel reception, ready to board Italian coaches
09:30 Coaches depart for Aqua Park Caneva
10:00 Arrive at Aqua Park Caneva
Caneva World, situated on the outskirts of Lazise sul Garda consists of a water park, a restaurant and show-Medieval Times' and the Rock Star Cafe. The waterpark, which resembles a tropical island offers many water rides and pools, including the Black Hole, typhoon water slides, Blue Lake, Crazy River rapids and Coral bay.
15:00 Re-join coaches for return journey to hotel
Coaches arrive back at hotel
Leisure time at hotel
18:00 Evening meal at hotel
19:30 Load instruments and depart by coach from hotel for evening concert in Peschiera del Garda
20:00 Arrive Peschiera del Garda
20:15 Meet representative at the venue
21:00 - 22:30 CONCERT - Piazza Betteloni, Peschiera del Garda
23:00 Coaches depart for return journey to your hotel
23:45 Arrival back at hotel

Saturday 4th August 2001 - Excursion to Gardaland

08:00 Breakfast at hotel
08:45 Group meets in hotel reception ready to depart for Gardaland on Italian coaches
09:00 Coaches depart for full day excursion to Gardaland Theme Par
09:30 Arrive Gardaland
Full Day in Gardaland
Gardaland is Italy's largest theme park, located on the shores of Lake Garda, just 15 km from Verona. There are 4 theme villages, 30 attractions and restaurants/picnic areas. Rides include the Colorado boat, the Magic Mountain and the largest dolphinarium in Italy. In 1998 the Blue Tornado, Space Vertigo and Jungle Rapids were added to the park. The new attractions for 2001 are the Fantasy Kingdom, the Mad House and the Big Escape from the Island of the Dinosaurs.
20:00 Gardaland closes
20:30 Rejoin coaches and return to hotel
21:00 Evening meal at hotel

Sunday 5th August 2001 - Concert at open-air arena, Largo Pisanello

07:30 Breakfast at hotel
08:15 Group meets in hotel reception, ready to depart on Italian coaches for Verona
08:30 Depart by coach for Verona
09:30 Coach arrives Verona on the banks of the River Adige
Day at leisure in Verona
Verona stands on the banks of the River Adige in a setting of cypress covered hills. The centre of the old town includes pleasant squares connected by alleys and arcaded passages or stairways. It was founded by the Etruscans and later belonged to the Scaliger Princes. After being passed to the Viscount of Milan and submitting to Venetian rule, it was incorporated into Italy in 1966.
Sights / Visits of interest include:
The colourful Piazza delle Bra is the former Roman forum, around which chariot races used to be run. The square is framed by palaces and old houses and is notable for its many statues and marble columns. Nearby, in the Via Capello is the 13th century palace of the Capulets with Juliet's balcony.
The Piazza dei Signori is situated behind the Piazza delle Bra through the Arco della Costa. In the centre of this superb medieval and Renaissance square stands the statue of Dante.
Adjacent to the square is one of the most beautiful places in the city - the stretch of road dominated by tombs of the Scaligers.
On the edge of the River Adige you will find the Old Castle and Bridge of the Scaligers - linked to the north bank of the river by the Scaliger Bridge. Built in 1354, the castle is in two parts and has undergone considerable restoration in the past decade.
16:30 Group meets at pre-arranged meeting point ready to re-join coach
17:00 Coaches depart from Verona for hotel
18:00 Evening meal at hotel
19:30 Depart by coach from hotel for Garda for your evening concert
20:00 Arrive Largo Pisanello
21:00 - 22:30 CONCERT - Largo Pisanello, Garda
23:00 Return by coach to hotel
23:30 Arrival back at hotel

Monday 6th August 2001 - Excursion to Sirmione & Sal˛

08:30 Breakfast at hotel
09:45 Group meets in hotel reception ready to depart on Italian coaches
10:00 Coaches depart for full day tour to the beautiful lakeside towns of Sirmione and Salˇ
10:45 Arrive in Sirmione
Sights of interest in Sirmione include:
Scaligeri Castle
This 13th century castle is at the entrance to the old town and was built above the foundations of the original Roman The 30 m high tower is worth climbing for the panoramic view of the peninsular and lake.
Grotte di Catullo
At the end of the peninsular are the Grotte, the remains of the large Roman villa which the poet Catullus who lived from 87-54BC used to visit. The complex even had thermal springs. The is a small museum on sight which shows how it would have looked in Roman times.
Chiesa San Pietro in Mavino
This church situated on a hill in the middle of the peninsular was built by Lombard monks in the 8th century. It contains some magnificent frescoes dating from the 12th -18th centuries.
Boat trips around the peninsular
It is possible to go on boat trips around the peninsular from the harbour.
13:30 Group meets at pre-arranged meeting point ready to re-join coach
14:00 Coach departs from Sirmione for Salˇ
14:30 Arrival in Salˇ
Afternoon at leisure in Salˇ
Sal˛ is a delightful town whose architectural treasures survived the 1901 earthquake. The Cathedral dates from the 15th Century, and is the most important Late Gothic structure in the region. The town hall (Palazzo del Podesta) and Archaeological museum (Museo Civico Archeologico) are also worth a visit. Salo is perhaps more infamously renowned for being the place from which Mussolini's government continued to rule Italy from 1943 onwards.
17:30 Group to meet at pre-arranged meeting point
18:00 Coaches return to hotel for evening meal
19:00 Arrival back at hotel
20:30 Evening meal at your hotel

Tuesday 7th August 2001 - Riva Del Garda/ Concert at hotel

08:30 Breakfast at hotel
09:15 Group meets in hotel reception ready to join Italian coaches
09:30 Depart by coach for full day excursion to Riva del Garda
11:00 Coaches arrive in Riva del Garda
Sights of interest in Riva del Garda include:
La Rocca
This famous moated Castle lies in the harbour of Riva. Dating from 1124, it houses a municipal museum today
Piazza Tre Novembre
A beautiful square containing Venetian 14th century arcades and the Apponale tower which is 34m high
Chiesa dell'Inviolata
This 18th century Church is worth visiting to see the ornate baroque interior
The attractive harbour is where boat depart for trips round the lake. It is also possible to hire pedalos
16:00 Group meets at pre-arranged meeting point ready to re-join coaches
16:30 Return by coach to hotel for evening meal
18:00 Coaches arrive at hotel
19:00 Evening meal at hotel
21:30 - 23:00 CONCERT - Poolside, Hotel Centro Turistico

Wednesday 8th August 2001 - DEPARTURE DAY

08:30 Breakfast at hotel
10:00 Check out of your rooms - remainder of day at leisure around the pool
12:30 Hot lunch at hotel
14:30 Load coaches with luggage and prepare for departure
15:00 Coaches depart from hotel for Milan Malpensa Airport
17:30 Arrive at the Airport
18:20 Latest check in Milan Malpensa Airport
20:20 Flight departs from Milan Malpensa
21:25 Flight arrives at Birmingham Airport
22:00 Coaches depart for the short transfer to your Birmingham overnight accommodation in Yardley
23:00 Check-in at your overnight hotel accommodation

Thursday 9th August 2001 - RETURN JOURNEY TO ISLE OF MAN

09:00 Check out of hotel
09:30 Coaches depart for The Trafford Centre
11:30 Coaches arrive at The Trafford Centre. Full day excursion to The Trafford centre
14:30 Group meets at pre-arranged meeting point ready to re-join your coaches
15:00 Depart by coach from The Trafford Centre for Liverpool Docks
16:30 Arrive in Liverpool at Isle of Man ferry terminal
17:00 Check in for Isle of Man Seacat
18:15 Depart for Isle of Man
20:45 Arrive Isle of Man
21:15 The Bridge Inn, North Quay, Isle of Man. Post debrief... yip.. that's it a debrief