North Italy 2001 - The Italian Job...

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Manx National Youth Band, and the 5th anniversary it was decided by popular consensus that it would be a wonderful for the combined bands to tour Northern America. After some investigation, we were faced with the stark reality that the costs of this would probably involve the re-mortgaging of several properties, sales of cars and even car boot sales (although, what use a boot is without the car is beyond me!!)

So, a wise man came upon us and told us, "hey yessirs, If ye decide to go somewhere, eh.. .closer to home, it may not involve the financial sacrifice, broken homes/marriages etc....", "ah", we all said...."what a grand idea, how much is a pint-a-larger in Italy?"

On 30th July 2001, the combined forces of the Manx National Youth Band and Manx Concert Brass set sail, not for Italy, but Liverpool, to catch a coach to Birmingham, to board our flight to Milan. (at time of writing only 7 sleeps to go!!!) Click here to find out what we are officially telling those who stay behind we will be getting up to. There will be a full no-holes-barred report of our shenanigans in Northern Italy when (if) we return.

On behalf of the travelling party, and the committee, I would like to thank Mark Lewin, who has organised this tour for both bands in association with Rayburn Tours.