Wall of fame

Below is our Website Wall of Fame, where people have been kind enough to donate to our Buy a brick campaign.

The Gough Ritchie Charitable Trust (Gold)
The Isle of Man Arts Council (Gold)
The Manx Lottery Trust (Gold)
Mr & Mrs Ian Aire (Gold)
Graham Bates (Gold)
Mr T Bates (Gold)
Mr & Mrs Neil & Fiona Brew (Gold)
Mr & Mrs Peter & Rene Brew (Gold)
Mr & Mrs J Briggs (Gold)
Mr Simon Briggs (Gold)
Finlo Cottier (Gold)
Juan Cottier (Gold)
Mr & Mrs SR Corkill (Gold)
Mrs W Corkill (Gold)
Capt D M Cowell (Gold)
Mr & Mrs Edwin & Jane Creer (Gold)
Mark, Nicola & Kyle Crellin (Gold)
Farmer Charitable Trust (Gold)
Mike, Lisa, Todd & Amy Crellin (Gold)
Mr & Mrs Ron Cunningham (Gold)
In Memory of Mr & Mrs Harold Cunningham (Gold)
Mr & Mrs Andrew Cunningham, Ben & Sam (Gold)
H & S Davidson Trust (Gold)
Mr A Dawson (Gold)
Stephen, Emma & Faith Dawson (Gold)
Elizabeth Clucas Charitable Trust (Gold)
Mrs A Garrett (Gold)
Mr S Garrett (Gold)
Mr J Gollow (Gold)
Mr & Mrs D & E Higgins (Gold)
Dr & Mrs Horsnell (Gold)
Mr & Mrs G Kewley (Gold)
Mr & Mrs David & Carolyn Le Prevost (Gold)
Mrs Beryl Lelant (Gold)
Mrs Lisa Lewin (Gold)
Mr Mark Lewin (Gold)
Mr Andrew & Mrs Alison Lodge (Gold)
Mr S Lowe (Gold)
Mr & Mrs Scott & Jess Mackie (Gold)
Mr S Maddocks & Mrs R Braidwood (Gold)
Mrs Clare Mahood (Gold)
Miss Sian Mahood (Gold)
Mr Ian Mansell (Gold)
Mrs Karen Mansell (Gold)
Mr & Mrs P Mason (Gold)
Mr & Mrs G Mayles (Gold)
Mr J Mayles (Gold)
Mr & Mrs Paul & Caroline Moran (Gold)
Major General Sir Laurence & Lady Anna New (Gold)
Mr C Noakes (Gold)
Mr Jim Noakes (Gold)
Mrs Sharon O’Neil (Gold)
Peel Charity Shop (Gold)
Mr & Mrs J Power (Gold)
Mrs June Sanderson (Gold)
Mr P Saunders (Gold)
Mrs Joan Shimmin (Gold)
Mr Phil Shimmin (Gold)
Mr R Skinner (Gold)
Kevin & Peter Smith (Gold)
Mr & Mrs Studdart (Gold)
Mr & Mrs Keith Sutton (Gold)
Keith and Marion Teare (Gold)
Mr W A Wilcocks (Gold)

Mrs Irene Bates (Silver)
Mr & Mrs John & Maureen Christian (Silver)
Mr & Mrs R Henthorn (Silver)
Mr K Skillicorn (Silver)
Ms P C Smith (Silver)

Mr & Mrs C Brew (Bronze)
IJ Bottomley (Bronze)
Breeshey, Conylt, Dolyn & Feena Corkill (Bronze)
Mr & Mrs R Corkish (Bronze)
Sir Walter Gilbey Memorial Co. Ltd (Bronze)
Mrs Fiona McCallister (Bronze)
Mrs Angela Oldroyd (Bronze)
Mr Tom Walsh (Bronze)

Mr Lewis Henry Boyce (Clay)
Mr P Calland (Clay)
Mrs Mona Callow (Clay)
Mr David Cannan (Clay)
Miss Z Cannell (Clay)
Mrs M Corlett (Clay)
Captain Stephen Cowin (Clay)
Mr William D Creer (Clay)
Mrs M Davies (Clay)
Mr N Danzelman (Clay)
Mrs Betty Dow (Clay)
Mr Andrew Dixon (Clay)
Mr & Mrs Jones (Clay)
Pat Jones (Clay)
Mrs Kenyon (Clay)
Mrs Kim Makin (Clay)
Mr G F Moughtin (Clay)
Mr L Quirk (Clay)