Friends of the Manx National Youth Band

Family and friends are welcome as Associate Members, but there are many ways in which you can support both bands. Naturally you will be more than welcome to attend any of our concerts (see engagements page) or rehearsals and you may wish to travel with the Bands on their trips to the UK or further afield.

We actively encourage the parents and family of the playing members to support the Organisation and our supporters committee is also very active, meeting monthly and organising various fund raising events throughout the year in support of both bands. If you want to assist in this way, or have any ideas please contact Karen Mansell or any member of the Organisation.

There is also a 100 Club run by our treasurer - not exactly the National Lottery but for just 1 per month your name goes into a draw for cash prizes.

Whatever you can do, your support and encouragement is vital to the success of the Organisation so be active and take part.