Site Information


Our website was first launched in August 2000 and has been re-designed several times since then, most recently in July 2010.

When building our website, we are committed to making our site as inclusive as possible so that it can be used easily no matter what browser or assistive technology you are using to navigate our pages.


Our research has shown that around 90% of people visiting our website use Internet Explorer, so our site has been designed with this in mind. However, we have also checked and ensured that our site works on the following browsers too:

  • Firefox
  • Home Page Reader
  • Mozilla
  • Opera
  • Safari

The site has been tested on both PC and Apple Mac platforms.

HTML Validation

Our website has been built in HTML using Cascading Style Sheets. We have used Javascript in places, but we aim to limit its use and offer alternatives where Javascript is used.

Every page on our website has been validated against the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) html validator and CSS validator. We are therefore proud to be able display the W3C Valid icons on our website.

Valid HTML 4.0 Transitional      Valid CSS!

If you have any comments or questions about our website, please e-mail us.