Brassed Off With Excess Weight!!

Who ate all the pies?

Team work: With a tape measure and weighing scales, Helen and Jessica get to grips with the male slimmers.

A group of Manx Concert Brass players have been given the perfect incentive after joining forces for a sponsored slim.

The eager participants have been told by fellow band members, friends and family that the amount of weight they lose will be matched and turned into pounds for band funds. One of the members taking part in the slim, Jessica Mackie, is monitoring the group's progress.

A MCB spokes person said: 'Being members of Concert Brass, most of the slimmers are in the more mature age bracket but, just to redress the balance, one of the youngest, smallest and prettiest members of the cornet section, Helen Morrison, has got involved. 'She is obviously not one of the slimming team but is helping with the measurements.'

'Everyone in the band is grateful to the members for undertaking what is not an easy task and requires a great deal of will power'

Anyone willing to sponsor the group should contact the webmaster.

This article appeared in the Isle of Man Courier on February 7th 2002