Summer Concerts start at the new Villa Marina Arcade

May 2009

The summer season concerts have started at the new venue in the Villa Marina Arcade. We have already had two concerts, one on a week night and one on a Sunday Afternoon.

We all had our reservations on the new venue - would it be too loud, too hot, not easily accessible for audience? As it turned out it is a super place to play.

On the Thursday night concert there were good numbers in the audience and the acoustics seem to suit the band. Manse said “it felt very comfortable playing a solo out there” and others have mentioned the sound reverberating around the venue.

Sunday’s concert was held out on the patio area just outside the arcade and again, just like the Thursday concert, there was a good audience and it is always nice to hear a brass band in the open air.

The programme Ian chose for the first two concerts had a wide range of pieces and showed off some of our soloists. Ian Mansell played a lovely baritone arrangement of “Broken Melody” by Steven Booth, James Aire played the cornet solo “Misty” arranged by Darrol Barry and Stephen Maddocks played a trombone solo arrangement of “Londonderry Air” by Howard Snell.

The next concerts are not until the 29th June and 12th July so if anyone has any suggestions for pieces or would like to be considered for a solo then please let Ian know.

These concerts show off the band doing what it does well, playing entertaining music for the audience. We have a few to do over the coming months and our aim is to have one of our later concerts played exclusively by our Manx Youth Band players. Please do your best to support these concerts so we can produce our best performances and also raise money for the bands funds.