The Bands and the Steam Packet Played and Sailed on...

At last And the Bands Played on is now released. Our intrepid duo of Kimberley Kneen and Ian Clague braved the challenge of the Irish Sea on Friday 8th. December to take the car and bring back 1000 CDís from Doyen Ltd. At 6:00 a.m. in Douglas Bay they were told that the sailing would be rough and might not even return! Undeterred by this our intrepid duo put the Band first and risked the worse that the Irish Sea could throw at them.

Gale Force 7 on the way out and Storm Force 10 on the way back but thanks to The Lady of Mann, the finest vessel on the Irish Sea, the Christmas release of the new millennium was on the Island at 11:50 p.m.

(Kimberley learnt one vital lesson out of this and that is if you play "Who wants to be a Millionaire" in the middle of the Irish Sea in a Force 10 then you stand a good chance of pressing the wrong buttons!)

Thanks to Capt. Cowin and all the Crew of the "Lady" and to Geoff Corkish, Communications Manager of The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company for arranging for the sale of the album on board the Companyís vessels. More on this later.

Ian would also like to thank Kimberley from the bottom of his heart for her excellent navigational skills but more importantly for the painless way she managed to spend a load of his money in Liverpool!

"And the Bands Played on.." is available from Esquires Ltd in Strand Street, Douglas, from any band member or order via this website.

Itís an ideal stocking filler for Christmas! (although Ian has other ideas as to his ideal stocking filler..)