Excellent results in the Quartets and Ensembles


With the solos over it was the turn of the smaller groups, the quartets and ensembles.

First were the “Up to Year 10 Ensembles” where we had 2 groups performing. The first group received 83 marks and a merit while the second group won the class with a superb performance and 90 marks.

The next class was the “Up to Year 10 quartets” class where again we had two entries. Our first group received a distinction and 86 marks and the second quartet took the class with an excellent 90 marks.

We then moved to the open classes. In the ensembles we had 3 entries, a Manx Youth Band group and 2 Manx Concert Brass groups. The Youth Band group played a very good performance with a distinction and 87 marks. It was then a close call between the older groups with one group receiving 89 marks and the other group winning the class with 90 marks.

The last of these classes was the open quartet class where we again had 3 entries, a Youth Band Group and two from Manx Concert Brass. The results were similar to the ensembles with the Youth Band receiving 86 marks, the first of the Manx Concert Brass groups receiving 88 marks and the other group won the class with an excellent 90 marks.

Well done to all who were involved, a clean sweep of the quartets and ensemble classes.