Christmas Concerts 2011

November 2011

Christmas Concerts and Carol Playing 2011

Your Band needs you this very busy Christmas period.

Another Christmas season is almost upon us and we already have at least 15 and probably more engagements to fulfill.

All of these concerts are very important and we need to get as many of us out playing, raising money for the band as we can. As you all know there is not only the enormous effort required in raising the funds to pay for our Bandroom but also we have the day to day running of the organisation to consider. We have instrument repairs to fund, a band room to upkeep and all the other expenses which are involved in running such a thriving and busy pastime for nearly 100 players and their supporters.

The highlights of the Christmas calendar again this year has to be the Christmas concert at Ballakermeen school theatre on 30th November and the Christmas fayre at Murrays Road School on the 3rd December. It would be great to see a full band at both these events so we can promote and show off the success of the Band and our commitment to the future of the organisation for years to come.

Also the band has been offered a bag pack at M&S on Thursday 22nd December and we need people to man all the tills. This is from 5pm Ė 9pm and there are 8 or 9 tills so we need a maximum of 36 people to cover 1 hour each during this period (you could of course cover for longer!), this could be a big money spinner.

On the Band Website and on the back of this Newsletter is the updated list of engagements which we would like everyone to try and attend. There are other engagements which Ian and the section leaders will speak to individuals to arrange. We will have a board in the main rehearsal room at the Bandroom which will have all the engagements on and we need you to put your names up and show your support so we can see who is available for each event.

Letís make this yearís Christmas the best ever.