Graded exam time again

November 2011

2011 graded Exams

9 members of the Manx Youth Band have recently taken theory graded exams and are waiting their results.

In addition to these there are currently 22 studying hard for the latest round of practical music exams which are due to take place on 23rd and 24th November.

The players are working hard on their scales, 2 pieces, 1 study, a sight reading and some aural tests.

Thanks again to Julian Power who has again agreed to accompany them and some extra rehearsals with him will have been arranged up to the date of the exam.

These exams help in the progress of each player and everyone will appreciate that they need to do a lot of work especially on the scales. The scales are a big test for everyone as they have to be played from memory and some of the grades can have at least 8 to learn.

Good luck to all the players involved and the advice we can give is “Keep Practicing”