Players Prepares for the Guild

The end of April always is a busy time for us and as usual the Manx Music Festival is taking centre stage. The Classes we are entered in this year rage from the Under 12 solos to full band 30 minute concert programme.

This year we will have 31 soloists in 4 classes, 4 under 16 quartets, 6 in the open quartet class, 3 ensembles under 16 and 5 in the open ensemble class. The band are then performing the test piece and also in the concert programme.

In the Under 12’s we have 6 players of which 3 of them will be playing for the first time, Michael Cowin on Euphonium, Nia Rowlands on Tenor Horn and Sammy Carter who is playing the Baritone.

Our biggest representation in the solo classes will be in the 12 and under 16 class where we have 15 players, Jessica Creer is making her first appearance on Cornet playing All Through The Night. This class shows off our versatility with players from every section of the band represented.

We then have 4 players in the 16 and Under 19 age group and 5 playing in the open class, two basses in James Mayles and Stephen Dawson, Kathryn power on Horn, Mark Mahood on Euphonium and Stephen Maddocks on Trombone.

It is then the turn of the Quartets and Ensembles, the four quartets in the under 16’s age group are playing a mixture of tunes which include the old faithful “Clouds and Sunshine” as well as Greensleeves, Cradle song and Echo Fantasia. The Open class also has Clouds and Sunshine as well as Suite for Brass Quartet, Puttin’ on the Ritz and Three Latin American Dances.

The under 16 ensembles include Dances for Brass and Norwegian Tunes and the open class ensembles are playing Dances from Terpsichore, Summertime and A Grieg Suite.

On the Sunday night the Youth band will then perform the test piece which this year is Suite: The Seasons written by Philip Wilby. Then it is the finale of the 2006 Brass classes in the Guild when the band will perform its 30 minute programme which must include a March and a Hymn tune. This year the band will feature its signature march Manx Youth, composed by Derek Broadbent, and Philip Wilby’s arrangement of The Day Thou Gave’st Lord is Ended.

It all takes place the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd April at the Villa Marina. The first class starts at 9.00am on the Saturday morning and the last class will finish somewhere around 10.00pm on the Sunday.

It is probably the most music you will ever hear in the space of 48 hours. All the players would appreciate as much support as possible all weekend.

Good luck to everyone playing and also much thanks to our leader Ian and Mr Chairman, James who are taking time off work to get the playing up to competition standards.

Neil Brew