Exam Success for our Youth Band Players

February 2009

Late November saw 14 of our Youth Band players taking Associated Board Graded exams on which they had been working with their teachers on Saturday and Thursday over the previous couple of months.

They were studying for exams in a range of grades from 1 to 5.

We had 6 taking Grade 1, these were Katie Garrett, Matthew Naylor, Chris Corlett, Chloe Lewin, Sammy Carter and Abbey Quirk. We had 2 doing Grade 2, Rebecca O’Neil and Chloe Makin, 5 doing Grade 3, Graihagh Brew, Sophie Black, Breesha Quirk, Breesha Foxton and Peter Smith and 1 studying Grade 5 who was Chloe Harrison.

I am please to announce that all of them passed, the majority with merit and distinction.

Congratulations and well done to all the players for their hard work over the last few months. Also a big thank you to the teachers and accompanists who assisted with the learning up to and on the day of the performances.

We do plan to do more exams later in 2009, with the work for Guild solos and other classes taking priority over the next few months. If anyone is interested in taking any further exams or taking one for the first time then please have a chat with Ian or Jim any time at band.